When researching copyright and the CC movement, I found it hard to find the information that I was looking for without having to pay for it. In the directions it said to look at The Missing Manual to help guide my research, but all I could find were descriptions about the subject matter that was described in the text, instead of an online PDF file of the book. Instead, I used the official WordPress site, because it was accurate and had exactly what I was looking for.

Here is the link that helped me the most throughout my research. It had everything I was looking for all in one place and it was easy to understand.

How to Copyright on WordPress

This site provided me with a copyright statement that I could use at the bottom of my page, all I had to do was copy and paste it into my text widget and customize my name and the name of my site. It was easy and effective! This site also gave me information on how to protect myself from content theft on all aspects of my blog site, which was also informative.

Another link that was useful for me to learn about copyright is on WordPress. This site talks about copyright and how it relates to WordPress, along with what the site classifies as fair use. This helps writer’s decide if what they are using is okay with sets of questions for them to ask themselves before they publish something. I thought that this site was helpful because it is the site that we use to post our blogs.

Copyright and Fair Use

After reading a ton of articles, before deciding that these two were the most helpful, I decided that for this class I am going to license my work for this class by using the copyright statement provided in How to Copyright on WordPress and customizing it. I chose to license my work this way because other site’s advice would only work on a paid-for WordPress account and mine is just free. Secondly, I loved how easy it was to license my work, while also making it look clean by having it at the bottom of my page in a widget. Since it’s at the bottom of my site, the license will always be there.

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