Burgers and Fries and Carbs… Oh, My.

As a college student, I know all about the constant struggle of eating healthy. I mean, a buffet-like cafeteria and access to all of the junk food I could ask for? When I was a freshman, I thought that was the greatest thing to happen. After I realized that I was wrong … oh, so wrong.

Having access to food ranging from pizza to burgers to fries seemed like a dream come true, but I found out that after eating these kinds of meals on the daily that I was breaking out and my body felt sluggish. I barely ate fruit and veggies (sorry, Mom) and ate loads of carbs and sugar.

I’m here to tell you that gaining a huge amount of weight is real in college and that there are things that you can do to avoid gaining this weight.

First off, even though certain foods are more available on campus doesn’t mean that you need to eat them. Fruits and vegetables seem to be seen less and less in comparison to chips and other processed food. I found this article that talked about how colleges don’t think about students’ eating habits when they choose what food they are going to provide for them, as they are only focused on the profit that the school itself can make.

If colleges aren’t going to help us make healthy eating choices, we have to do it ourselves.

School cafeterias do offer certain fruits and vegetables along with a few healthy choices, but for the most part students are surrounded by greasy and fatty food. With all of the food temptations that surround students once they enter the cafeteria, it’s hard to stay strong and motivated in eating healthy. I mean, picking a salad over a burger and fries is a tough thing to do. Plus, watching others eat all the food that you want to eat makes it hard for you to stick to eating healthy.

Though, it should be added that it’s okay to have unhealthy food every once in awhile, as long as you don’t indulge in these foods every day. Unhealthy food always tastes so much better when you haven’t had it in awhile, trust me on that one.

I ran across another article that said that students should stock up on these healthy items themselves, that way the option for healthy foods is available. I think this would be a good idea, because I know personally that if I buy healthy food I’m going to eat it and not let it go to waste, because I can’t afford to throw away my own money.

In addition to buying healthy food for you to eat or have available in your room, an easy thing that students can do is cook healthy meals themselves. There are so many websites that have healthy recipes available. I use SkinnyTaste to find recipes that are lower-calorie and healthier versions of dishes that I love, that way I don’t have to give up the meals that I love and I feel healthier.

In my next blog post I am going to make one of my favorite dishes from SkinnyTaste and share the recipe with all of you.

Eating healthy at college is hard, but by trying to eat leaner versions of the meals that you love and stocking up on fruits and vegetables, it’s easier.