Week One: Final Project Reflection

Before I started my final project, I was really struggling to find something that I thought that I could write about for a month (without getting bored with it). I was thinking about a range of topics for a week before I thought of writing blog posts on different factors that play in creating a healthy lifestyle.

This is a topic that I have really wanted to learn about, especially as a college student. Ever since I started college, I have wanted to live a healthy lifestyle and to not gain the Freshman 15 at all costs. I thought that writing a blog about workout tips, eating tips, healthy recipes, and self-love would help me educate myself and others about the things that help create a healthy lifestyle.

I was right. I do love this topic.

Since starting this project on blogging about the factors that make up a healthy lifestyle, I have learned things that I wouldn’t have if I didn’t have this project.

I had a lot of fun writing the Every Little Thing Matters blog post, because I have always struggled with expecting to see results right away and it was nice to learn tips that would help keep me motivated throughout my fitness journey. I loved finding articles upon articles to help me think about what I wanted to include for this weeks section of workout tips.

I also loved writing the Burgers and Fries and Carbs… Oh, My. blog post, because I could really relate to the struggles that college students deal with when their only options for food come from the campus food outlets or the campus cafeteria. I loved learning about things that I could do to eat healthy while living on campus and why colleges don’t tend to provide a lot of healthy eating options. This blog post was really interesting and I really liked the information that I got out of it. I thought the topic this week was very educational.

One blog that left me disappointed was the Mac and Cheese: The Healthy Way blog post. I was so excited to try out this recipe and I thought that this project was the perfect time for me to try it (after having it saved for months). I ended up not liking the recipe at all and was disappointed that I spent so much of my time on something that I didn’t enjoy. That’s the one thing I learned this week… I’m not going to like all of the recipes that I like, but I love that I’m trying them out.

The Just Love Yourself… Is It Really That Easy? blog post was really hard for me to write because I sometimes find it hard to like my own self image. I thought that it was nice to learn more about why people think negatively about themselves (hint. hint. selfies) and find articles that made you feel okay in your own skin. I really liked learning that the definition of beauty is always changing and that there’s no set definition. It made me feel more at ease about myself, because I learned that I was probably just being hard on myself. Overall, this blog post was very therapeutic in a way and is one that I am looking forward to blogging more about this next week.

I really liked the first week of this project and found all of my blog posts to be very fulfilling, as I educated myself a lot on things that matter to me. I can’t wait to see what this next week will teach me.


Write it All Down … Wiki Style.

When we first were told that we would have to write on our Wikis, I was kind of excited. I had learned how to use Wikis this last semester in my Technical Writing class. Without learning about how to use them then, I probably would have struggled a lot more. Especially with the headings. Though, I am proud to say that I successfully used my Wiki quickly for this class’ assignment.

My Wiki might not be as pretty as my Weblog, but it sure gets the work done fast.

What do you think about Wikis? What do you like or dislike about it in comparison to the blogs?

See you later, Bootcamp

Two weeks have come and gone, and I have to say that I am not going to miss it. Bootcamp was a great experience and I learned a lot of new things that I wouldn’t have learned otherwise. Widgets… RSS… Creating a blog… I never knew how to do any of these things until I started Bootcamp. And for that I am thankful.

A whole lot of hours went into these two weeks of Bootcamp and I wouldn’t have spent my hours doing anything else. The tasks that we had to do helped me grow more intellectually, as I had never heard of RSS (I had seen the symbol, but I never bothered to look further into it to see what it was all about) or widgets. I admit, there was a lot of time where I wanted to quit, but I pushed through to try and get the most out of Bootcamp.

I struggled with remembering to post all of my blog posts right after I composed them, usually leaving them in my drafts. I fixed this bad habit by reminding myself via phone reminders to update articles (though sometimes I would ignore them). I also had a hard time figuring out what to blog about, or what was even ‘blog-worthy’. I’ve tried looking up blog topics, but I haven’t gotten very far in figuring out what subjects/topics are good things to blog about. Lastly, I’m still struggling with CCing the images that I post on my blogs, I’ve looked at several sites but I can’t quite figure it out yet, but I will keep trying!

And though there were some struggles as I went through Bootcamp, the things that I gained out of the process were greater. I had the chance to create a Feedly and now I can see all of the sites that I love in the same place. I also finally got to create a professional looking blog through the Bootcamp process, which is something that I don’t think that I would have gone through without this little push. By myself, I didn’t really know where to start with the whole blogging process, but with the directions within the Bootcamp document and the helpful sites listed, I got through it all pretty easily.

Overall, I’ve gotten to learn how complex online writing actually is. There are RSS, copyright, creative commons, intellectual property, etc. I had always thought that online writing and creation was easy, but I’ve found out that online creators just make it look easy. There is a lot of work and information that these individuals have to know in order to be successful in their online endevours. I believe that these two weeks of Bootcamp will help me not only be successful in the Weblogs and Wikis course, but also in anything that I do online.

Here are links of all the things that I have accomplished within these last two weeks of Bootcamp:

My Twitter

My Gravatar

More About Me

Officially. A. Blogger.

New Year, New Me

Not-So Reality T.V.

Why Do You Write?

RSS Feeds: So Convenient

I also made a Feedly account to experience RSS first-hand.


Creative Commons and Intellectual Property

Reeling Them In

Categories vs. Tags

Week One: Officially. A. Blogger.

I never realized how much went into a blog before I had to create one myself- and let me tell you, it was time-consuming. The ease … the struggle … I went through the whole process. When I was reading through the instructions, I noticed that I had a few of the steps already completed because I had to set up an account for a previous Integrated Media class, so that was a plus.

It was easy to customize my site to my own personal preference. I think that this ease came from knowing how to run the site due to using it in a previous site, but I did learn how to do new things like create widgets at the bottom of my page. At first, I thought that creating widgets would be hard, but after attempting a few times I finally succeeding in a look that I felt was appropriate for my blog.

One thing that I struggled with was changing the colored font within the blog posting itself, and at first I was really frustrated at the fact that I didn’t know how to change it. I couldn’t figure out quite how to do it so I decided to just change the layout instead, which ended up making my blog more aesthetically pleasing. I was relieved at finding a quick fix to my problem.

In a future blog, I would like to write about current social issues and topics surrounding being a college student or an individual pursuing a writing degree.

What are your interests?